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NetSpeedCheck provides a smooth platform to test your internet download speed,internet upload speed, IP address and Country.

NetSpeedCheck measures all the parameters with maximum accuracy.User can test internet download speed and internet upload speed in a efficient manner within few minutes. So to check internet download speed, internet upload speed, IP address and country you can rely on

99% Accurate Result Guaranteed

How to get more accurate Result ?

Your Internet speed can be affected by many factors. To help acheive the most accurate result, please follows these simple step:

  • Close any other open browser windows if open.
  • Close any application that you are running which may be using the internet.

Why my result Mis match from other sites ?

The differnce in speed result may be due to these factors:

  • Variations in available bandwidth: Ensure that nothing should be downloading from other sites while downloading.
  • Diffrence in Connection: Ensure that your devices are testing on same connection.
  • Diffrence in Hardware Configuration.

Why does not my Internet Speed match what I am paying for?

A byte is equal to 8 bits. Your operating system measures data in bytes not in bits. Divide the connection speed by 8; the Result you get resembles to the download speed you are actually seeing.

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Net Speed Check

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